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Welcome to Crealdé's Hannibal Square Heritage Center!

The Hannibal Square Heritage Center was established in 2007 by Crealdé School of Art, in partnership with residents from the Hannibal Square community (west Winter Park) and the City of Winter Park. It is a tribute to the past, present, and future contributions of Winter Park’s historic African-American community.

The Heritage Center hosts the award-winning Heritage Collection: Photographs and Oral Histories of West Winter Park, a permanent, museum-quality exhibition of more than 100 framed, archival pieces that capture the lives of Winter Park’s African-American community spanning the 20th century, and The Hannibal Square Timeline which documents significant local and national events in African-American history since the Emancipation Proclamation.

The center also offers a rotating Visiting Exhibition Series, community-created public art installations, as well as educational programs and that explore the African-American experience, black heritage, cultural preservation and Southern folklore.

Experience local history told
by the people who have lived it!


As part of the "Be a Part from the Start" initiative led by the Offices of Multicultural Affairs and Community Engagement, Rollins first-year students journeyed to The Hannibal Square Heritage Center—located less than a mile from campus—to learn about the history of the African-American community in Winter Park.


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Events and Exhibitions

Permanent Collection:

The Heritage Collection:
Photographs and Oral Histories of West Winter Park

A unique exhibition of history told by the residents who have lived it.

Hours Open:

Tuesday - Thursday, 12:00 to 4:00 pm Friday 12:00 to 5:00 pm
Saturday 10:00 am to 2:00 pm
closed Mondays.

Also on display: The Sage Project:
Hannibal Square Elders Tell Their Stories
To see a brief video click here

The Sage Project is part of the permanent collection at the Hannibal Square Heritage Center, with photographs by Peter Schreyer.

Next Collection Day TBA.


Visiting Exhibition:

June 19 to August 29, 2015
St. Augustine at 450: A Crealdé Documentary Project

"The Shrine" by Kucku Varghese

Crealdé's newest documentary project celebrates the oldest city in the United States. Ten photographers captured the oldest city in the nation on the occasion of its 450th anniversary, exploring St. Augustine's history, preservation efforts and place as a tourist destination.

Congratulations to exhibition photographers: Laura Barthle, Sherri Bunye, Vaughn Dunham, Dennis James, Holly Manus, Jennifer Pereira, Marsee Perkins, Peter Schreyer, Cynthia Slaughter and Kucku Varghese. Pictured: "Boy at the Shrine of Our Lady of La Leche" by Kucku Varghese.

Listen to the interview with Peter Schreyer on WMFE-FM by clicking HERE.

Statement by Peter Schreyer, Senior Faculty in Photography and Executive Director of Crealdé School of Art:

The idea to do this project first came to me when touring the beautiful El Galeón, an exact reproduction of Ponce de Leon’s ship handmade in Spain, docked in the marina of St. Augustine almost two years ago. I immediately texted my colleague Sherri Bunye and announced the idea, and asked her to partner on this new class project for Crealdé. Of course, she enthusiastically said “yes,” and a few weeks later we started planning for this new master class in documentary photography. It was an obvious choice for a new Crealdé project. When were we ever going to geographically be so close to another such important historical milestone – and such a visually beautiful one!

Between January and April 2015, Sherri and I had the pleasure to work with a group of eight advanced Crealdé student photographers to create and produce this exciting project. Before the start of the on-site fieldwork in St. Augustine, the participants learned about the important history of documentary photography, toured local historical archives and learned about project planning and caption writing for a contemporary documentary project. Our objectives were to capture in classical black-and-white images and accompanying oral histories, the city of St. Augustine as a living historic community, a model for historic preservation, a tourist destination, college town and home to a diverse population. Students were assigned specific topics, but also were given the freedom to add their own themes to the project.

During numerous field sessions, day trips and overnight stays in St. Augustine, all of us grew closer to this beautiful city, and discovered many fascinating elements of its history and most recent challenges. By the time Jamestown in Virginia was founded by European settlers in 1607, St. Augustine was already a thriving city, having been established more than five decades prior and inhabited by Spaniards, Native Americans and Africans – both free and enslaved. Years later, events in this town's Civil Rights struggle had an influential role in the passing of the Civil Rights Act by U.S. Congress in 1964.

The St. Augustine project team thanks the St. Johns Cultural Council and the St. Augustine Historical Society for their assistance with our project. We also are grateful to have been named an “official ally” of the St. Augustine 450th Commemoration by Mayor Nancy Shaver and her commissioners. My special gratitude not only goes out to the talented participating photographers, but to my colleague and co-instructor Sherri Bunye, who also acted as the logistical coordinator and produced the digital exhibition prints for the show. Without her talent, dedication and commitment, this project simply would not have come to this successful fruition.

After the exhibition debut at Hannibal Square Heritage Center this summer, St. Augustine at 450 will travel for a preview event at Plum Gallery on historic Aviles Street in St. Augustine for the actual 450th celebration weekend September 4–7, before being shown in its entirety at the Rotunda Gallery of the St. Johns County Administration Building from November 3–January 21, 2016. After that, the exhibition will become part of Crealdé’s newly expanded Traveling Exhibition Program, available to be shown at other Florida sites.

Enjoy our exhibition, and take the two-hour trip to St. Augustine in the near future to celebrate this special city and its impact on American history!


Special Event:

Mark your calendars for Friday, October 9, from 5-7 p.m., for the dedication of the lifecast sculpture of Mr. Richard Hall Jr., decorated Tuskegee Airman, who was raised in the Hannibal Square neighborhood. Artist Rigoberto Torres and Mr. Hall will be on-hand for the unveiling.

Mr. Hall lifecast with Rigoberto Torres

Mr. Hall lifecast with Rigoberto Torres

Mr. Hall lifecast sculpture with Rigoberto Torres


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The Hannibal Square Heritage Center is a project of the City of Winter Park and the Community Redevelopment Agency, operated by Crealdé School of Art, a non-profit organization, and the Parks and Recreation Department of the City of Winter Park. Crealdé School of Art is a non-profit art organization supported in part by memberships, the State of Florida, Department of State, Division of Cultural Affairs; the Florida Arts Council; United Arts of Central Florida; and various private foundations.